...Protecting the Nigerian Child from Sexual Abuse

Post Trauma Counseling

The early years of a child’s life are the foundational building blocks for development, learning, and health throughout their lifetime. Trauma from sexual abuse can have a long-term effect on the well-being and functioning of the affected child, adults, families, and our community. Our post trauma child counseling sessions convey, in age-appropriate language, that: We are there to listen, we believe their story, they are not alone, they are not to blame for the abuse and should feel no guilt or shame.

Sexual abuse trauma recovery

Seeking help is crucial.

We are here to listen, we believe their story and understand that they are not to blame for the abuse, feel free to call +234-814 953 0121 or click the button below to contact us and request a counseling session.

There’s a common misconception that sexual abuse counselling is an intensely harrowing, confronting experience for the survivor. Much earlier, the popular models of abuse counselling involved the survivor remembering, and often re-living the sexual abuse experience, accompanied by encouragement to ‘confront’ the perpetrator.

In recent times, we now have a completely different model of trauma recovery counselling, and it’s effective in reducing the trauma of sexual abuse for 70-90% of victims. Rather than the re-traumatisation of focusing on the abuse, modern trauma recovery counseling is wholly centered on equipping sexual abuse survivors with practical tools and techniques to:

  • 1. Process what has happened
  • 2. Reduce distressing after-effects
  • 3. Strengthen resilience
  • 4. Repair and build self-esteem
  • 5. Improve coping mechanisms
  • 6. Accept that the abuse need not define who they are
  • 7. Enhance health, safety and general wellbeing


Understanding these facts about child sexual abuse can help you better protect the children in your life


of abuse occurs within the family of the child


of abuse occurs within known faces familiar with the family, remaining 10% are strangers

1 in 4

girls will be victims of child sexual abuse

1 in 10

boys will be victims of child sexual abuse