...Protecting the Nigerian Child from Sexual Abuse


Dr. Nimi Ekere

Dr. Nimi Ekere is a Consultant Family Physician, a fellow of the National Postgraduate Medical College of Family Physicians.

Dr Ekere is also a Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants and a Certified Management Consultant with distinction in Time Management from the London Graduate School.
She is a leading Child Advocate, Author, Speaker, Parenting Enthusiast, Coach, Mentor, Teacher and Humanitarian. Nimi is very passionate about children and young people walking in the right path to achieve their full potentials.
Nimi is the founder of Smileandshine Children’s Foundation, a non-profit organisation that is aimed at preventing Child Sexual Abuse, providing the needed help and support, as well as emergency care and treatment with adequate follow up and rehabilitation of victims (children).
In rural communities in Nigeria, Dr. Nimi’s campaign against child abuse has inspired social security and hope for many children with unbelievable realities. Her child advocacy has been featured multiple times on various mainstream media outlets, including the BBC.
Dr Nimi Ekere is an author of four best selling books that address the issue of Child Sexual Abuse with practical remedies. This collection of books teach children, pre-teenagers, teenagers and parents all they need to know about combating the menace. All four of her books are in different academic curricula of government-run primary and secondary schools in Nigeria. The books are Some Parts Are Special, for children aged two to seven, Setting Boundaries for preteens( children aged eight to twelve), “Sparkles at Dawn” for teenagers and young adults and Into The Light for parents and guardians.
Nimi is a strong proponent of effective and intentional Parenting and convenes different programmes and conferences that promote child rights protection, as well as parental education on the safety of children and young adults. She has also featured in many panels and conferences across the globe.
Dr Nimi Ekere was recently featured as one of the Top 30 Most Inspiring Women to look out for in 2022 by the New York City Journal.
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